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Keith, Nick, Rob, Bruno and John have trained relentlessly for 12 months, and are fine examples of what human beings can achieve when they push through unbelievable physical and emotional pain barriers with sheer determination, courage and spirit.

Nick and Rob have put in as much effort and determination into their part of the challenge to complete a 20 metre walk as Keith and John, have to complete their 1000 mile cycle challenge that included running a super hero marathon running 5 miles up Ben Nevis (the biggest mountain in the UK), 5 miles down and then 16 miles across a rocky glen in extreme weather, plus kayaking 25 miles on Loch Ness followed by an additional 30 mile bike ride around the loch!!!

Nick pushing through the pain, leg pressing 110KG -awesome

Nick pushing through the pain  Nick pushing through the pain

Sara – working with Nick at Morgan’s – he is on his feet!

Sara – working with Nick at Morgan’s – he is on his feet!!!

The facilities the centre will offer will support the purpose of many local charities and will benefit everybody in the community and it is our hope that we can bring many charities together under this roof.

Please make a donation in recognition of this huge effort

John, who is the owner of Morgan’s Wellbeing Centre, Keith a local businessman and Nick a tireless fundraiser have also been generous sponsors of the Challenge Charity.  Please support them by making a donation in recognition of their huge effort and help them raise enough money to build the Centre of Challenge and Inspiration.

Tell everybody

Please spread the word – share this with everybody you know. If you know any journalists or people in the media who can help us please forward the story. Together we can do it!!

The Centre of Challenge