Nicholas’ Story

Nicholas Carr developed Encephalitis and became seriously ill at the age of three. Over the years Nicholas has had many operations to rebuild his hip which kept breaking down and to straighten his femur.

After many botched and corrective procedures, a metal frame was bolted on to his bone structure. However, after developing appendicitis in 2003, complications meant he had to receive critical high dependency care for a week with doctors deciding whether to induce coma to save his life; his oxygen levels were so low. They decided to put him on a by-pass breathing machine. Recovering enough to return home and requiring 12 weeks to rebuild his emaciated muscles, Nicholas decided to support his twin Aunty and Uncles 40th Birthday Party. He made an appearance just 8 weeks after nearly losing his life.

In 2007 the metal frame finally came off at Nicholas’ request because the constant pain had become too much. This created a high risk of the bones snapping under light pressure due to the holes left behind from the points attaching the metal frame through and to his bones. The chance of walking again was very slim. Despite this, ten days later he demanded to travel with his friend to Oxford to see a show – against friendly advice.

From October 2012 Nicholas decided to begin training to walk and finally took his first steps in July 2013 completing 1 meter.

On Sunday 13th October 2013, in aid of charity, Nicholas wants to walk further than ever before – 20 meters. Nicholas has never turned down a Challenge. He has Skydived twice, almost drowned Kayaking on the River Dordogne in France and survived tipping his wheelchair over in the fast lane of a busy dual carriage way!

He hopes to raise awareness for our worthy cause – ‘The Challenge of Centre & Inspiration’. Thank you Nicholas, you are a true inspiration to us all.