Our Inspiration

Life without Limits

We are delighted that our new Challenge Charity has been incorporated and through our website and Facebook pages you can read about our plans and dreams and learn about the inspiration behind the Centre of Challenge and Inspiration.

John, our Founder, inspired by people with spirit, courage and a zest for life despite overwhelming disability, has a crystal clear vision for an incredible Centre of Challenge and Inspiration designed to allow people from all walks of life including adults and children with the most severe disabilities to take part in exciting adrenaline sports and provide unique aqua training facilities for disabled athletes.

When asked why he was doing it his simple answer was ‘because it needs to be done and I have the ability to make this happen and somebody once told me that if you have the ability you have the responsibility’. He met Dave on a diving holiday in Egypt and was truly inspired by him. Dave lost the use of his legs and an arm when he broke his neck playing American Football. He told John that people are equal in the water as physical constraints are removed. Here is a man with courage, an active sportsman and a risk taker, diving in the sea, becoming free and fully alive with more courage than most able bodied people! The idea for a place to teach other people with disabilities like Dave’s to learn how to dive in a safe learning environment grew from a dive centre for the disabled to an awesome multi- functional sports centre good enough to train a Paralympic aqua team.

John has spent months researching every detail and with the support of some talented architects and 3D image creators his vision for what the centre will look like can be seen on the website.

The centre will be the first of its type in the world and will give disabled people an environment where all barriers to their mobility are removed; where they are enabled to participate in the types of activities that are not usually accessible to them and be able to take on their own physical challenges and excel.

This awesome facility will boast under a single roof, a plethora of indoor adventure and sport activities including, sky diving, scuba diving, rock climbing, surfing and swimming. It will be a place where people can undertake these physical activities all year round, unhampered by their disabilities, inaccessibility or the weather and will dramatically improve the quality of their life and for the most gifted provide the facilities to become world class athletes.

The unique aspect of the centre is that it does not exclude anybody from diving, surfing, climbing, flying and swimming due to physical limitations. The sporting activities that the centre will offer have been specifically selected because people who have lost limbs or the ability to move through paralysis or other illnesses become equal and free in water and will have complete access to all activities due to the incredible features within the design. The centre will have hoists to support climbing, special diving equipment for quadriplegics, and every available type of specialised equipment that will allow people to take part without pain, discomfort or humiliation. There are plans for accommodation that is designed to cater for every type of disability to allow people to stay at the centre in comfort with ease of access.

It is intended to have a specialist prosthetic centre within the complex to ensure that mobility on land and in the water is made easier and the charity will work closely with other organisations working on leading edge design of prosthetics.

It is difficult to define who the centre is for because to some extent every one of is disabled. To quote Bruno who is one of our inspirations for the centre, “everybody is disabled in some way be it physically, emotionally or spiritually”. Bruno had a long hard readjustment period in the early years following his disablement. If a facility such as the one we plan to build had existed for Bruno he knows that journey would have been much easier to travel. Bruno loves action he travels the world, sailing, swimming, diving and will bring support and inspiration to others who face the challenges he did. It is infinitely harder for people who are active to lose the use of their limbs and this group of people will benefit so much from a place that allows them to be equal and to be supported through emotional recovery.

Undertaking personal challenges that stretch us beyond fear is something human beings are supposed to do to experience joy and that adrenaline rush that makes us feel so alive! We hope that people with a range of disabilities, fears and anxieties will have the opportunity to overcome their personal barriers and develop the confidence and self-belief to enjoy life to the full and recognise their true worth.

The centre will particularly help people who have been discharged from the medical system but still have a way to go before they are fully rehabilitated and living a fulfilled and whole life.

We believe that once a person has been discharged from the medical system following life changing accidents and illnesses there is still much to do to help people adjust. We recognise the sheer emotional trauma people experience when they lose a part of themselves and the abandonment that people face when the medical people say we cannot do more.

Rehabilitation comes in many forms and the centre will through inspiration, encouragement and rehabilitation help people achieve improved health, wellbeing and quality of life using a mix of fun, adventure and adrenaline sport together with more conventional rehabilitation methods including exercise, nutrition, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and psychotherapy.

Our intention is to offer rehabilitation from physical injury, illness, accident and the physical disabilities people are born with and then go one step further by turning disability into ability and helping people excel in sport or other walks of life.

Nick was told he would never walk by the medical profession – he is now on his feet. Nick cannot wait to dive, swim and fly, he has an adventuring spirit and fierce determination – he sky dives and takes all sorts of risks and deserves the freedom of movement that the centre facilities will give him.

The centre has been designed to ensure that people with the most severe physical disability can access all areas but is suitable for everybody wanting to improve the quality of their life and overcome. Many people who have suffered physical disabilities have done so as a result of high risk jobs and hobbies and are risk takers by nature, These people who love to be physically active and enjoy an adrenalin rush do not lose these aspects of their personality when they lose their mobility and for them this centre will be truly life enhancing, particularly if they go on to excel in a sport. We have recently been inspired by our Paralympic team achievements and we want to ensure that those with the talent are not prevented from developing to full potential due to a lack of suitable facilities.